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Exclusive Official Distributor in Portugal

The Best is the Original!

Protect your investment! The Prices of ORIGINAL turbochargers are very competitive.
Why take the risk with what is not ORIGINAL?

Use ORIGINALS with all security!

A turbocharger is a product designed with high technology and requires superior technology and intensive capital for its development. Only the world manufacturers of turbochargers such as Honeywell Garrett, Borgwarner, Holset, Mitsubishi and IHI may ensure the high technology of their products.

The original turbo offers the best value in terms high quality and a very competitive price.

Using non-original turbos may lead to a series of bad experiences, increased costs and risking the reputation of your workshop.

The ORIGINAL turbo is the safest and has no equal.

1. Delivery
Delivery time guaranteed in 48h.

2. No Worries
Let the brand speak for itself! The ORIGINAL is a product that you have all the confidence.

3. Prosperity
ORIGINAL saves costs and generates more profits.

Garrett Original Reman

Garrett Originals Reman turbos have the same quality, security and guarantee as any new turbo.

The Garrett originals reman are a economically useful solution, the low price, great profitability, respect for the environment and resource saving play a key role in essential in reconditioned turbochargers.
The turbocharger replacement of the 1st equipment by turbos original reman are an economical solution especially for the repair of more old cars.

Garrett Originals Reman are manufactured according to the highest actual industry standards, including the management of old parts to procedures in the final tests.
The big Garrett's worldwide experience to recondition these high-tech products, makes a reconditioned comparable to a new turbocharged Honeywell Garrett new in every way.

CBorgwarner Core + Calibrated Geometry

There is a new solution for the reconstruction of many turbochargers BV39 and BV43 VTG. The vehicles using these turbos are already of advanced age, the market is increasingly asking solutions for their repair.

So far the reliable reconstruction of a Turbo VTG was recommended only with the use of sophisticated and expensive calibration equipment used in factories. However, the approach that the brand to overcome technical obstacles, it provides a solution that makes it possible to repair of BorgWarner VTG turbochargers.

The basis of this concept is the supply of the VTG turbo core with his correct geometry. The resulting aggregate of this two factors - the core and the geometry comes factory calibrated and ensures repair and a reliable assembly through the standard and quality of the 1st equipment plant.

With the start of this concept, BorgwWarner will certainly make a further development references for wider coverage.

A specific toolkit is available for the disassembly and assembly of these variable geometry.

The kit consists of 4 keys with different sizes, and is designed in accordance with the manufacturer BorgWarner (drawing, materials and specification).
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